Trusting God to Write Your Love Letter


It seems to me that during winter season it is most evident if someone is in a relationship, or wants to be in a relationship. “cuddling season” As some may call it. For the single person, it could just feel like everyone they know is dating/getting engaged/married, except for them. And the holidays don’t make it any less easier, especially at family gatherings and your parents ask you why you don’t have a boyfriend yet.  And while you may feel discouraged and incomplete in this season in your life, God uses this season in your life as more blessings than you can imagine.


We are created in the image of God, but that doesn’t mean our life stories will be exactly the same. God has blessed each of us with different seasons at different times, and we should embrace that. How amazing is it that God loves every single one of you so uniquely, and has given us a different purpose that is specifically just for you?  If we read 1 Corinthians 7, Paul describes singleness as a good thing, and that it is a season to let yourself give an undivided devotion to the Lord (v.35). Is this how you would describe your single experience?


It is truly fascinating how much more free time you have when you are single. I got married almost 7 months ago, and before that I was dating my now-husband for 3 1/2 years before that. Even in my season of singleness, I didn’t let the fact of being single affect my life and what I was doing. Life still went on, and because I was single I used it as an advantage to devote myself to God and ministry even more. I wasn’t worried about who I was going to get married to, in fact I thought I didn’t think I was going to get married at all; at least not until my mid-twenties. But I trusted in what God had planned for me and thankfully I was never pressured by my family to get married, and now I can say I chose to marry the love of my life. I didn’t think much would change, but I was wrong. All of my priorities have flipped around, and my decisions not only affect me, but my new family as well. All of a sudden there are added responsibilities and challenges that you don’t have when you are single. I wouldn’t have the freedom to suddenly hop on a plane to go serve somewhere, like some of my single friends can. Marriage definitely gives you freedom as well, but it is an entirely different kind of freedom. It is something to consider if you have that desire to get married.

The Lord hears and listens to our prayers, and He does care that you want to be married someday. He also wants you to see this single season as an opportunity in your life to dive deep into His word and devote yourself to Him, and to not waste the entire time wishing you weren’t single. Never feel pressured to get married, because that is not your number 1 purpose. Your purpose to is live for the glory of God, and if it’s His will, you’ll get to do that through marriage someday. Nothing compares to seeing the love and warmth in someone’s eyes when they look at you. Please realize that love doesn’t only have to come just from a significant other. You can already see this love through your friends and family. God is never nervous about our future like we are, and if God is the one writing your love letter, you can rest knowing you are already complete in Him, and that what He has in store is better than what you try to plan for yourself.


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