8 Starbucks Drinks You Have To Try 

As an ex-barista, I know a thing or two about coffee. I have also had the opportunity to experiment with drinks behind the bar, to see what flavors complemented each other which didn’t. There are over 80,000 combinations of drinks that you can make, sadly I didn’t get to try all 80,000. Although I don’t work at Starbucks anymore, I still go there pretty regularly (they got me hooked). I usually snapchat my drinks and put them on my story, and surprisingly the most screenshots I get is when I post a custom drink. But if you’re more of a plain coffee kind of person, that’s fine too. But I figured, why not make a list and let everyone give these drinks a try? If you’re like me, who doesn’t have just “the usual”, this list is just for you. Here are my top 8 favorite drinks that I get at Starbucks:

1. Green Tea Latte with soy and Vanilla

Normally green tea lattes come with a classic sweetener (basically sugar), I like to substitute it with vanilla instead, and get soy milk instead of 2% milk. The soy milk Starbucks uses is vanilla flavored, so they go really well together, hot or iced. Another good substitute is cinnamon dolce or raspberry syrup.

2. Caramel Macchiato with coconut milk and toffee nut 

Even if you only substitute caramel macchiatos with just coconut, it will still taste 10x better than the original. My suggestion is to get it iced with extra caramel.

3. Pumpkin spice Chai tea latte 

Unfortunately this drink is only seasonal, but when you pair the 2 spiced syrups together, it results in you becoming obsessed with the drink.

4. Iced Passion tea with coconut milk

Um, what?! Yep, it is a real thing. From my experience if you put milk in a fruity tea, it does not look or taste good. Coconut milk is a non-dairy drink, therefore you may mix it with other non-dairy drinks like tea and it wouldn’t be a health issue. It is one of my favorite drinks to get in the summer. Plus it makes a pretty pale pink color perfect for instagram.

5. Cool lime refresher with strawberry juice and lemonade 

I know this sounds like a complicated order, but it really isn’t when baristas make it. Always say “no water” when you order this drink. 

6. Espresso frappuccino with soy milk and protein powder

For those who do not have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect drink to cool off with. The protein powder gives it a thicker texture, and is definitely a healthier alternative than a regular caramel frappuccino. Are you catching on that I really like soy?

7. White mocha Americano with cream 

This is what I get the most often. I rarely drink lattes because it is too much milk for me, so a good alternative is to get it in an Americano, which is shots and water. This is probably the most basic drink on the list but it is definitely a favorite of mine.  

8. Green tea frappuccino with peppermint and white mocha 

This was originally our Frankenstein frap during Halloween, but you can order it anytime of the year. I don’t like peppermint but this combo is amazing.

These are just some favorites that I have when I’m not in the mood for plain espresso or coffee. From a trustworthy ex barista, you will not regret trying any of these! You’re welcome. 


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